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What is a content creator?

Content creators produce entertaining, educational or captivating content for digital distribution. These individuals typically offer a distinct perspective or voice. Fans latch on to their unique points of view, creating deep connections over time.

Creators develop content for various channels. Popular formats include:

  • Videos (like TikToks, YouTube videos or livestreams)
  • Images (like graphics, memes or photography)
  • Audio content (like podcasts)
  • Written works (like blogs and ad copy)

This list is long, but not exhaustive. Content is forever evolving alongside the landscape of the internet. When a new format rises to popularity, the list grows again—creating new opportunities for budding content creators.

It’s no wonder the creator economy is in a near-perpetual state of growth. In 2022, an estimated 50 million people across the world identify as content creators. We’ll keep seeing this number grow as the space matures.

What’s the difference between a content creator and an influencer?

I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t content creator just a new term for influencers?”

Jayde Powell, an Atlanta-based social media manager turned content creator, runs into this misconception fairly often.

“A lot of people in marketing and advertising use ‘content creator’ and ‘influencer’ interchangeably,” says Powell “The two aren’t mutually exclusive but when it comes down to defining the difference, it’s a matter of intention and skillset.”

While many of the creators you know and love do have a degree of influence, they’re not always posting with the express intent of influencing a purchase decision.

For example, a creator with a focus on vegan living might only post original recipes and substitution ideas. An influencer who lives a vegan lifestyle, on the other hand, might be more inclined to share content sponsored by vegan brands.

More often than not, digital creators will partake in both types of content production, with a lean in one direction. However, while digital content creators and influencers share similarities, they aren’t one and the same.

What does a content creator do?

On the surface, a day in the life of a content creator can seem fun and relatively simple. However, making something look effortless usually takes quite a bit of work.

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